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When it comes to estate planning, we know that our clients are anxious to preserve as much flexibility as they can. This is important to minimise the impact of inheritance and other capital gains taxes on their assets.

Some simple restructuring of how your assets are held and some gifting may, potentially, reduce your inheritance tax liability without considerably reducing the value of your estate. Estate planning provides a viable and sound way to prepare your finances. It ensures that your assets are protected for your loved ones once you’re gone. Estate planning also helps you to avoid or reduce the amount of tax to pay and your inheritance tax bill (IHT bill).

Preparing for inheritance tax (IHT) is essential so that the value of your estate, or even part of your estate, is not drastically reduced for your loved ones. With effective estate planning you can make sure your wealth is protected for the next generation.

We can advise you on how to structure your property and affairs to ensure that your estate and assets pass on to your intended beneficiaries. Our advice aims to do this in the most tax-efficient way after your death.

Our private client team can advise on all aspects of estate planning which can involve;

  • Wills for clients with complex and/or high-net-worth estates
  • The incorporation of trusts within wills and the constitution of those trusts after the death of the client
  • The creation of lifetime gifts and trusts
  • Post-death estate planning, including deeds of variation and the restructuring of Will trusts with retrospective effect for inheritance tax purposes
  • The tax consequences of estate planning and trusts, or if there are potentially exempt transfers

The administration of trusts, includes:

  • preparing income tax returns for the previous tax year,
  • liaising with financial advisers, in particular if any life insurance is held,
  • making distributions,
  • collecting rents and other sources of income
  • handling the legal and administrative issues that arise from properties held in trusts.

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With effective estate planning you can make sure your wealth is protected for the next generation.


Inheritance Tax Planning

You have worked hard your whole life to acquire your well-deserved assets. We understand that you want to protect these and not let them to go to waste. We want to ensure you leave as much as possible to the people you love, whether they are a spouse or civil partner.

Understanding how much inheritance tax your estate may pay is crucial, especially when you are considering how you want your estate to be distributed. Looking at what assets and liabilities you have and how you will provide for your own future financial needs are all important considerations. This is where inheritance tax planning comes in. It allows you to provide a plan of where and who you want your assets to go to.

If your estate is over a certain value, you may find that your beneficiaries lose a significant amount to inheritance tax. This is when our private client team can assist you by guiding you through the most beneficial inheritance tax strategies. This will ensure the people you care about are provided for in the best possible and most efficient manner.

If you require trusted advice from one of our experts please get in touch, a member of our team will be happy to talk.

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