If you need to have documents authenticated for use abroad we can help.

Murray Fraser or Brendan O’Brien, both Directors of the Company, are qualified to act and have been appointed as a Notaries Public.

The documents to be used abroad will be authenticated by the seal of the notary being attached to the document. The seal is individual to the notary and is registered with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and many foreign consulates and embassies.

Feel free to call anytime on 01279 715333 or alternatively contact Murray Fraser and Brendan O’Brien.

Make an appointment with Murray or Brendan for the documents to be notarised.

  1. Bring the following documents with you to the appointment:
  2. The Documents to be notarised
  3. Any papers or documents that relate to the matter
  4. Evidence of identity, in the form of a current valid passport and utility bill
  5. The Fee

As the notary will need to discuss the matter with you and be satisfied that you understand the document (particularly if it is not in English), the work is usually done ‘while you wait’ and will take around half an hour.

As always, it depends on just how much work needs to be done and how complex it is!

However, the Notary Society sets a minimum fee of £90.00 plus VAT and we normally charge only the minimum fee.

If you have a number of documents to be notarised, the fee will be assessed usually on how long it will take to complete the work.

Murray or Brendan will be happy to give a fixed quote for the work that needs to be done.