Commercial fraud is becoming evermore prevalent in these difficult economic times.

Every business may at some point find themselves the victim of fraud perpetrated by any of their suppliers, customers, employees or even people unknown to them.

Intellectual property fraud is a growing problem for all businesses and especially those that operate internationally. Your Intellectual Property is valuable. We can help you develop it, monetarise it and protect it.

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We can assist in building a trademark portfolio which will protect your intellectual property, brand and goodwill. People can deliberately or by accident associate themselves with you and your brand. You have to stop them or your online and real-world business may be diverted to them. It is easier to protect your online presence and real-world brand and business if you have a trademark portfolio in place.

We can assist you, in conjunction with our appointed experts, to set up a portfolio of rights and protect your inventions and designs. Patent and Design law are complex areas and choosing the wrong advisers can be an expensive mistake. Once your right is registered, we can assist with licensing, monetarisation and protection.

Business Information is valuable. Your client database contains the lifeblood of your business. If it is taken by a “bad leaver” or falls into the hands of competitors you need to act quickly to protect yourself. We can assist.

Do you sell software? We can provide you with licence, distribution and reseller agreements. There are myriad ways you can licence software and use it. We understand them and can assist.

If you are a software company, we can protect your copyright and advise you on customer escrow and other rights that allow customers to access your source code. Also, we can protect the copyright in your software and advise on use of open-source libraries and the pitfalls associated with them.

Every business buys and uses software. But do they know their rights and whether the software and supplier is right for them? We can provide advice on purchasing software, rights to use, second-hand software, warranties, due diligence, open source software and redistribution distribution rights.

If you sell data our lawyers know exactly how to help. They can draft agreements to protect, licence, distribute and resell it. We ensure you maximize the value of your data assets.

Your competitors covet your customers and intellectual property. These areas of law are complex and you need to be sure that people advising you about them have the experience, skill and talent you need to get the outcomes you want. Whether you are starting a business, monetarising your intellectual property assets, buying or selling intellectual property we can help.