The success of a business depends on its ability to recruit, motivate, develop and retain the best employees. Good employment relations are key to business success.

Being an employer isn’t easy. You know how important your staff are to the success of your business but sometimes relationships don’t run as smoothly as  you would like. Mistakes can be very costly and employment law is one of the fastest changing areas of law and can present pitfalls to the unwary. At Breeze & Wyles we aim to take the burden off you with our in-depth understanding of effective business employment. Our experience means we can cut through the legal complexities and give you  practical solutions to your problems. At Breeze & Wyles we advise both employers and employees which gives us a wider perception and understanding of the workplace environment. We believe that prevention is better than cure and offer a service that covers the full business employment life-cycle. Our service ensures that you have the correct procedures in place to maintain harmony in the work place and avoid employment disputes or the best legal advice to defend them should the need arise.

Remember – prevention is better than cure.

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Our expertise includes:

  • Protecting your business from competitive ex-employees
  • Avoiding discrimination claims
  • Redundancy issues
  • Transfer of undertakings
  • Dealing with dismissals
  • Preparing contracts and procedures
  • Defending tribunal claims when the unavoidable or unexpected happens