Sadly, sometimes when a loved one dies, there can be challenges to the validity of a Will, inheritance disputes or disputes regarding the actions of executors or representatives as well as claims involving trusts.

Sadly, it is sometimes the case that when a loved one dies, disputes and disagreements over a Will and the estate can arise among family members or those who were closely related to the deceased. Challenges can be made against an estate by disgruntled relations who feel they have not been left what they deserve or feel the Will is open to challenge because reasonable financial provision was not made for a spouse which is a legal requirement. They may query the validity of a Will or bring a claim against the personal representatives (Executors)  of the estate for what they see as their proper entitlement. It may be discovered that the Will the deceased left is invalid; perhaps they were of unsound mind or the will was not properly executed. Alternatively, maybe they did not leave a Will at all in the mistaken belief that all their assets would go to their co-habitee to whom they were not married. It can be a terrible shock to discover that, despite living with someone for many years, everything will pass to the Deceased’s parents, for example, or to the children of the Deceased’s previous marriage.

The last thing that you need when you are coping with the trauma of a death is to have to worry about such situations.  We can help you deal with such disputes, which can become very costly.  Where possible we will help you avoid the need for court proceedings and enable the parties to reach an amicable resolution.