The repercussions of a failing business reach far and wide, impacting directors, managers, shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers.

Our extensive experience of defending debt recovery claims, Statutory Demands and winding up proceedings for our clients make us the ideal solution for the distressed client looking for creative and innovative solutions. Company Insolvency is often one option but other examples should be explored such as debt restructures, deferment of payments, informal settlements with creditors, Company Voluntary Arrangements and Administration. With a large network of insolvency experts coupled with our significant industry knowledge we are well placed to find the distressed company the right solution.

When acting for lenders and creditors through our debt recovery team or direct to our Corporate Insolvency team we review the risk and security effectively and quickly, advising on and taking additional security where appropriate. We advise on recoveries options and enforcement processes and assist with restructuring facilities.

We also have expertise in the Independent Financial Advisor market, assisting exiting owners in Members Voluntary Liquidations to ensure that the company remain solvent to the point of winding up. We advise on the protections necessary to avoid future liabilities for those regulated persons whose financial standing would be adversely affected by an insolvency of the company.

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