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How safe is your Golf Club? Is your Golf Club just one shot away from disaster?

In 2013 a golf club in Scotland was held 80% to blame by a Court, when a golfer struck a golf ball that hit another golfer, causing him to lose the sight in one eye. Yet, the golfer who struck the offending shot, was held only 20% to blame. The golf club was deemed not to have adequate signage of the course warning the injured party of the risk of flying golf balls and therefore attracted the lion’s share of the blame for the accident. Could this happen at your golf club?

A golf ball is a dangerous projectile and is likely to cause serious injury (or even death) if a person is struck by a golf ball. Compensation for personal injury claims arising out of golf ball injuries are normally substantial, especially if the injury leaves the injured party incapable of working. We live in a litigious society, where personal injury claims are increasingly the norm.

Golf courses are large areas of land covering many acres. Golf clubs owe a legal duty of care not only to their members and employees (including green staff), but also to visitors, walkers etc. to ensure a reasonable level of safety across the entire course, including practice areas and public walkways.

Injuries from golf balls can;

  • Cost a golf club thousands of pounds
  • Deter potential new members
  • Deter competent green staff from working at the club
  • Create bad feeling amongst club members
  • Dramatically increase insurance premiums
  • Cause considerable pain and suffering to the injured party.

What steps can a golf club take to ensure accidents do not occur, that the course is kept safe and that they do not attract legal liability if an accident occurs?

Taylor Rose TTKW Solicitors have considerable experience in working with golf clubs (and their secretaries/managers) to help clubs take preventative action (or to defend golf ball injury claims) to include;

  • Advice on the club’s legal liabilities
  • Review of health and safety measures
  • Risk assessment
  • Advice on course signage, warning notices etc.

If you have had accidents, near miss accidents or property damage from golf balls at your golf club, then now is the time to take preventative action. Do not wait until a serious accident occurs and a disaster befalls your golf club.

To arrange an initial consultation please contact Greg Rollingson or David Webb on 020 3590 0550. Our experienced team have handled many golf injury (and other personal injury cases) either for the injured party, golf clubs or insurance companies.

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