Family arbitration was developed as an alternative to enable parties to reach a solution to their financial disputes more quickly and in a less formal environment than a court room.

In Family Arbitration, you and your ex- partner/spouse appoint a family Arbitrator who will make a decision that will be final and binding between you, on any financial and property disputes arising from the breakdown of your family relationship. Once appointed either by agreement or through  nomination from the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators (“IFLA”) the Arbitrator will deal with all stages of your case from start to finish and will make a decision after hearing from both of you or your representatives. The timetable is set by you both so there is flexibility as to the time and place of the hearings. The process and the decision of the Arbitrator is private and therefore no details will be available to the public.

Family Arbitration has been developed to allow parties to resolve their financial dispute in a forum that is confidential, at a pace set by them and by an Arbitrator who is chosen by the parties. You can have the confidence that the person dealing with your matter is experienced in family law and specifically in the subject matter you require their assistance with. All Arbitrators have to meet the exceptional criteria for being accepted by IFLA having proven their experience and expertise in order to qualify as an Arbitrator. The costs of Arbitration are often offset against the saving that can be made by avoiding the need to proceed through the Court process to obtain a decision where parties are unable to agree.

We are able to advise on both the Arbitration process and in addition, Olive McCarthy, Director of our Family and Matrimonial Department is a qualified Family Arbitrator and member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and is able to offer the Arbitration process to parties.

If you and your ex partner/spouse wish to consider this route as an alternative to Court proceedings to resolve your dispute:

Contact Olive McCarthy on 01992 558411