What can we learn from the celebrities?

Those who enjoy a bit of celebrity news will have seen the speculation surrounding Cheryl and Ashley Cole’s alleged reconciliation.

So, do we think that Cheryl’s showing us that it’s possible to forgive and forget, is it simple naivety, or is it a publicity ploy?! Who knows!

What it’s probably safe to assume is that they’ll have taken legal advice about the protection of their substantial assets.

Many people don’t realise that when a couple get married they automatically take on financial responsibilities towards each other. In the event of a breakdown of the marriage it’s the court that has the last say as to how those assets are divided.

It is possible, however, to protect those assets by way of a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement but only if the document is accurately drafted and legal advice has been sought. A quick agreement drawn up over the kitchen table just won’t do.

As experienced family solicitors we regularly advise on asset protection. If you can identify with similar concerns, why not drop into our local offices in Ducketts Wharf for some practical advice.


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