So you want a “quickie” divorce?….

You may have seen advertised by various organisations that it is possible to get a “quickie” divorce. This is also (unhelpfully) emphasised by the media when reporting that a celebrity couple’s divorce has gone through within a matter of weeks.
So what is the true position when getting divorced? Is there such a thing as a “quickie” divorce? How long does it take?
These are the types of questions asked by clients during their first appointment with us and unfortunately they are somewhat surprised when given a (realistic) time scale of how long a divorce can take to finalise. This reaction is understandable given the misconceptions of advertising a “quickie” divorce and reports made by the media that it can take only weeks!
The process of divorce is relatively straight forward as it mainly consists of completing various forms along the way and generally it can take around 4 – 6 months to finalise. However, this is on the basis that there are no complications and all financial and children matters have been agreed. If these matters have not been agreed then it can lengthen the time scale necessary to finalise the divorce.
At Breeze & Wyles Solicitors Ltd we have a team of specialist Family Lawyers who are committed to assisting our clients during the divorce process. Whilst we may not be able to offer a “quickie” divorce (as unfortunately this is just not possible!), we are able to offer efficient and cost effective services to our clients.
We would urge any person considering a divorce to check out our fixed fee divorce services on our First for Divorce website ( We offer a range of fixed fee services from £149.99 to £499.99 (inclusive of VAT) to cater for all clients who wish to obtain legal advice on a budget. The advantage of our fixed fee services is that clients know exactly how much they are paying.
Furthermore, there have been drastic changes to Legal Aid funding which have resulted in clients being unable to secure such funding for divorce, irrespective of their financial position, unless there has been domestic abuse within the past 24 months which can be evidenced by an organisation (such as police, doctor, refuge).
We are very proud to say that we are one of the firms within Hertfordshire to still have a Legal Aid franchise as we are committed to helping clients in need of legal advice. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01992 642 333 should you wish to be assessed for Legal Aid in relation to divorce.
We are able to see clients in any of our offices across Hertfordshire (Bishop’s Stortford, Enfield and Hertford). If you are unable to attend our offices we are also able to offer appointments via telephone or Skype.
Please do not hesitate to contact us about our fixed fee divorce services or visit our website for further details –



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