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Employment Law is one of the fastest changing of all areas of law and provides pitfalls for the unwary.  There are still Employers who are apparently unaware of the legal requirement, since October 2004, to implement statutory disciplinary/dismissal and grievance procedures. 

The result of non-compliance with such procedures can result in an increase by up to 50% of compensation payable to the Employee when the Employer is at fault, and a decrease when the Employee is at fault.  In October 2006 new anti-age discrimination legislation is coming into force which will affect all areas of the employment field, including recruitment and benefits offered to staff.

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List of available Newsletter

January: No Right To See Redundancy Interview Notes
February: Foreign Employees and Unfair Dismissal & Redundancy Selection
March: Confirmation of Age Discrimination Decision & Overtime working

January: Increase On Tribunal Awards, Harassment By Third Parties
February: Abolition Of Default Retirement Age, Request For Time Off For Training
March & April: Vince Cable Less Red Tape,  Team Poaching
May: Clarity About TUPE  For Companies In Administration
August & September: Lay Over Time, Compensatory Rest Periods And Shift Workers
October: Notice Of Termination, Cost Of Disability Adjustments
November & December: Facebook And Unfair Dismissal, Radical Reform

January: Bonuses And Breach Of Contract, Payments During Pregnancy
February: Asking Immigration Questions During Recruitment–Race Discrimination?
March: Employer Vicariously Liable For Sexual Abuse, Fit Notes
April & May: Bribery Act, New Anti Slavery Laws
June: Fake Employment Tribunal Claims–Commonsense Judgment
July: Withdrawing Dismissals TICE(A) Regulations
August: No Joy On Retirement For Partners In Law Firm
September: Right To Legal Representation, Equality Act 2010, Equal Pay Gap
October: Job Swapping, New Forms Of Discrimination Under The Equality Act 2010
November & December: Effective Date Of Termination, Dismissal By Letter

January: Selection Criteria For Redundancy, Dispute Resolution
February: Homophobic Banter, Paid Holiday During Sick Leave
March: Data Protection, Holiday For Part Time Workers, Stress In The Workplace
April: Right To Be Accompanied By A Legal Representative At A Disciplinary Hearing
May: New Laws On Tipping, Tips Paid Through Payroll
June & July: Cocktail Waitress Wins Dress Case, Managing Stress
August & September: Avoiding Accusation Of Harassment, Retirement Procedures
October: Default Retirement Age Of 65 Lawful, New Vetting And Barring Scheme
November & December: Compensation For Stigma Compensation, For Injury To Feelings

January & February: Rolled Up Holiday Pay, Long Term Sick Leave, Pension Bill 2008
March: Agency Workers Statutory Dismissal Procedure, Flexible Working Request
May: Changes To Sex Discrimination Act 1975, Increase In Benefits
June: Discrimination On The Grounds Of Religion Or Belief Lying About Qualifications
July: Retirement On Grounds Of Ill Health, Dress Code
September: Beware Secondment Employing Non EU Workers Directors, Conflicts Of Interest
October: Employment Tribunal Respondents, Consultants May Be Employees
November: Decision In Crucifix Wearing Case, New ACAS Code
December: Changes To Compensation, Ex Gratia Payments, Changes In Contracts

June: Part Time Workers Maternity And Adoption Leave Increase To Pay
July: Post Termination Covenants, Without Prejudice Communications TUPE Transfers
August: Dyslexia And Disability Compensation Payable To Agents, Termination Payments
September: Dismissal For Smoking Flexibility For Muslim Workers
October: Constructive Dismissal, Grievance Procedures Redundancy–Individuals
November: Employee –Too Young, Interviewing Job Applicants Racial Harassment
December: Age Discrimination, Retirement Claims, Redundancies Off Shoring And TUPE


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