Need for Quality Legal Services

IFAs generally put their faith in solicitors to provide quality legal advice to their clients. However, many individuals find it difficult to judge the standard of advice they are getting because of the professional aura that surrounds solicitors.
Generally the public assume that solicitors have strong technical legal knowledge and that the law is black and white with no shades of grey around areas such as conveyancing and wills. This encourages the notion that the quality of advice from solicitors would be identical across law firms country-wide. This just is not the case, the levels of competency fluctuate across firms and having a legal qualification does not mean that an individual is an expert in all areas of the law.
Due to the rarity of needing legal services during one’s life, clients will often not have the relevant information to make an informed choice about their solicitor. Often relying on personal recommendations from advisers, friends or estate agents. This does not necessarily lead to good legal work and could weakened personal relationship if the service levels are poor.
Consumers are judging quality of solicitors simply from the precedent that they are all competent and idiosyncrasies like how many letters precede the solicitor’s name. They fail to investigate the specialism of the firm before instructing in an area that they may not be competent enough to advise on. The point being that consumers are not generally able to judge whether or not they have a good solicitor. Therefore, they rely on recommendations from trusted professionals and friends.
The overriding factor that defines good quality solicitors is not the advice itself but the service standards that supplement the advice. Consumers like to be treated with empathy, not feeling as if they are just another case file. They envisage an efficient service. Legal work is not cheap and therefore they expect the case to progress smoothly, on time and have clear guidance on charges. Further, legal jargon can be mystifying to even the most intelligible among us, so unravelling in to layman’s terms is essential. All in all a positive client experience is centred around the solicitor’s customer service ethic.
At Breeze and Wyles we understand the clients’ wishes and have put together a conveyancing solution that integrates both great advice and a quality service ethic.


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