Making the most of your family in the New Year!

It will come as no surprise to anyone that January is a difficult time for relationships. As the sparkle of Christmas fades away and the reality of post Christmas debts and the return to work sets in, it is often relationships that bear the strain of this.

The family solicitors at Breeze & Wyles have therefore put together some tips for how to combat the new year blues and enjoy your family. So, while thinking about your new years’ resolutions, why not consider the following:

Prioritise your family

The new year is often a time for people to reflect on life and where their priorities are and is a great time to choose to prioritise your family. It’s easy to take a few simple steps to show both yourself and your family that they’re your priority. Consider leaving the office a little earlier each evening or decide not to check your emails on a Saturday/Sunday.

Set aside time

In the busy-ness of life free time just doesn’t happen on its own, so you need to make it happen. Set aside time in your diary to see your family and make sure it’s an immovable date in your agenda. Consider putting in a ‘date night’ with your partner, or a ‘family day’ to spend time with the kids.

Get some help

If you and your partner are having problems you don’t have to try and work out the solutions on your own. It might help to talk to a friend or family member but sometimes speaking to someone impartial can be more beneficial. Why not consider seeing a relationship counsellor. Often getting some objective advice from a third party can be just what’s needed to help gain some perspective on your situation.

Take some advice

If you have come to the sad conclusion that your relationship is at an end then consider taking some advice. Friends or work colleagues might provide emotional support but as there as so many misconceptions regarding relationship breakdown, particularly in relation to children and financial matters, your emotional network might not provide the correct answers to these questions. We offer an initial appointment, with no obligation to return to us, tailored to provide you with advice specific to your situation, and will consider with you the most amicable way to provide a resolution.


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