IFA: How to value and sell your business?

Financial planning is a young industry. But as the profession’s first tier of advisers reaches maturity, the decisions that may be part of transition planning for their firms loom large. Moreover with the commencement of the outcomes of the RDR likely to be implemented at end of 2012 the pressures to stop practising are even greater. So which outcome is the right one: a sale, a joint owner buyout, a merger? Whatever you choose to do the success of the outcome depends on a number of issues:

  • what value can i get for my business
  • how should I sell it – by selling the company from which it trades or the investment portfolio
  • If i retain the company and sell the assets (invesment portfolio) what do I do with the potential claims against the company for issues arising before the sale?

Unfortunately, many advisers do not understand the value of their practice or how to influence it. We can help you find experts to aid you in a valuation of your business and to allow you to take steps to maximise the return.

Whichever vehicle is sold run off cover may be relevant to you. We will advise you on the steps necessary to deliver appropriate cover and may even be able to find the potential purchasers for you.

Breeze & Wyles Solcitors LLP have handled a significant number of these transactions in recent times and can assist you in the difficult path to sale. If this article interests you contact Brendan O’Brien on 01992 558411, 07985468101 or at brendan.obrien@breezeandwyles.co.uk for a confidential no-commitment discussion.


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