Family Mediation

Family Mediation is a voluntary process during which you and your ex partner will attend a number of meetings together with a trained Mediator or Mediators who are independent and impartial and who will help you both explore the issues you cannot agree upon. They will help you to try and reach an agreement.

Family Mediators are neutral to the process. They will not give advice to either of you but will usually recommend that you obtain legal advice alongside the mediation process. Your financial information where this is relevant to the matters to be resolved is provided on an open basis, which means that it is available to your legal advisors and can be referred to in Court, either in support of an application made with your joint consent or in contested proceedings. This avoids any need for the information to be provided twice. The actual discussions about possible terms of settlement are without prejudice and understood to be legally privileged. This means that your discussions about the issues between you and proposals for settlement cannot be referred to in Court unless you both agree.

Once you have reached an agreement, the mediator prepares a summary which will be sent to each of you to be discussed with your family law solicitor. We are able to advise you whilst you attend Mediation. We are also able to offer the service of Family Mediation if you are not already a former client in relation to the matter you wish to mediate in.

The benefits of seeking to resolve disputes in this way are that you and your ex-partner retain the power to make decisions about your lives and those of your children without the extent of the financial or emotional costs that can be associated with the other processes

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