Cash flow is the life blood of every business regardless of size or nature. Bad debts, particularly for small businesses, can have a devastating effect on cash flow and subsequently profitability. At Breeze & Wyles, we believe that recovering business debt should be made as simple and efficient as possible. If the process you are currently using isn’t producing the results you desire or is too expensive for the benefits it returns, contact us and allow us to help with your debt recovery. Our low-cost fixed-fee debt recovery service was launched in October 2011 and within two years we were awarded the accolade of UK Debt Recovery Firm of the Year 2013 for our outstanding work. Join the growing number of companies using our service and experience for yourself our excellent customer service delivery and innovative solutions, which hold us apart from our competitors. Key Points of our service:

£10.00 plus VAT for a letter before action. (LBA)

We guarantee to send an LBA within 24 hours of receiving your instructions

Our experienced, award winning team is friendly and approachable and will present you with solutions to problems.

Experienced in enforcement of County Court Judgements to increase the chances of recovery.

For further information regarding our debt recovery service please download our Debt Recovery Proposal or contact our Debt Recovery Team on 01992 558411.

Instructing us If you would like us to help you recover a debt, please complete our simple instruction form and email, fax or post this to us, with a copy of your invoice. If you have multiple instructions, please contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Statutory Demands As an alternative to Court Proceedings, it may be appropriate to serve a statutory demand upon a debtor requiring payment within 21 days of service of the statutory demand failing which you have the option to present a Petition to the Court for the wind up/bankruptcy of the debtor. We offer a service for drafting Statutory Demands. We work closely with reliable and cost effective process servers to ensure that your statutory demand is served in the appropriate manner. To instruct us to serve a statutory demand or if you are unsure tactically whether a statutory demand, or use of our debt recovery service is the appropriate way forward, please click here to contact or call Richard Cole on 01992 558411.