Clear Your Bad Debt Ledger Compliantly! Can you afford not to?

You won’t have been able to avoid the recent spate of press surrounding bad debt practices from the Student Loans Company, whereby letters were sent purporting to be from an outside collection company; Smith Lawson and Company Recovery Service, on behalf of “their client” to 300,000 students. In fact the letters confirmed in small print at the base, that Smith Lawson and Company Recovery Service was not a separate company, but merely a subsidiary of the Student Loans Company.
Discussions took place between the Student Loans Company and the Office of Fair Trading in March of this year and revised correspondence with Smith Lawson is yet to be agreed. This scandal came shortly after the exposure that Wonga had been operating a similar collection process which resulted in them agreeing to pay over £2.6 million pound in compensation.
Not only does a bad collection process have the ability to hit you hard in the pocket, it can also be extremely damaging to a Company’s reputation.
It is more important than ever to ensure that your debt recovery is managed by regulated professionals. With our fees for sending a letter before action being £10.00 plus VAT, you can chase your debts cost effectively using our award winning debt recovery service. We can calculate the interest and compensation you are entitled to, should you wish us to do so. Often the compensation and / or interest you are entitled to, exceeds our cost for sending the letter before action to your debtor.
We have this year won the award of UK’s Debt Recovery Firm of the Year for the second year running. This award has been awarded due to:
ü  Our low and fixed cost pricing structure:
ü  Our focus on delivering great customer service:
ü  The speed of our service (we will send a letter before action within 24 hours of receiving your instructions):
ü  Our results!
We pride ourselves on providing a second-to-none service and believe that our recent awards reflect this. Try us for yourselves to see why our clients are so impressed with our service.

For further information on our debt recovery service, please visit Recovery Proposal Aug.pdf or contact our Head of Debt Recovery: Rita Wright on 01992 558411 or


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