Breeze and Wyles shortly to revolutionise Wills and Trust instructions

Breeze and Wyles are continually developing technology to help our clients. Firstly we developed our innovative Breezeplus brand, revolutionising conveyancing and remortgage transactions. Then came our innovative Trust Wizard, available now, that writes your life policies in to trust instantaneously; using our compliant web based tool. Our latest development is set to transform Will and Trust instructions, making the process fast, interactive and slick.
Our app is fully compliant and will record interviews to ensure there is no miss selling to your clients.
So why should you care? Well, there is a huge referral opportunity in estate planning. Over half the adult population does not have a will.
There are many cases including some high profile such as Princess Diana or Michael Jackson. In Lady Diana’s case as the Will was not drafted the trustees did not distribute wealth according to letters of wishes. Michael Jackson’s $242 million estate was subject to intestacy laws in the US after dying without a will.
Approximately 25% of estates each year are intestate. Of those with wills, one in four are unfit for purpose.
Our application can help generate these required documents at a fraction of the cost of going to a firm of solicitors; who will provide your clients with what they ask for not what they need. Our estate planners using these tools are trained professionals with a massive amount of expertise and knowledge to advise your clients to take the right product. Plus there are great referral fees accompanying the products.
The interactive app integrates an estate planning fact find with state-of-the-art verification of ID software and payment tool. The instruction form can be white-labelled. Data is sent through via xml or as a pdf to populate our partner firm’s and update case management systems with the estate planning content. This will generate the legal document, which is then sent to a solicitor to be sense checked.
The initial popularity of the app revolves mainly around the ease for taking and certifying ID, however this is one of many innovative features. The application is currently available on Apple iPad.
Certification of ID technology utilises the camera on the tablet and our technology allows the user to stamp and then sign using a signature pen. Once the image is taken and signature attached on to the stamp, it is flattened and sent across to wherever you would like it sent. Laws firms accept certified ID as collected by a market professional.
No information needs to be input more than once and the app generates a family tree based on the information provided by the client. At the end of the instruction, it generates an invoice and will send across payment details to designated finance department.
This tool can be used more widely or we can train your staff to take estate planning instructions.
If interested please contact the legal services team on 01992 558411


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